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Leonard Cohen’s Afterlife
The Walrus, December 2018

There’s no plan B
Literary Review of Canada, Summer 2018

Rethinking the Walls
Globe and Mail, July, 2017

Postnational Canada
The Guardian, January, 2017

Experiment in Pluralism 
Globe and Mail, September, 2016

The View From Shore
Globe and Mail, July, 2016

The Canadian Experiment 
Globe and Mail, June, 2016

True Test of Citizenship 
Globe and Mail, December 2015

What Beijing learned from Tiananmen: Democracy isn’t needed for prosperity
Globe and Mail, May 2014

Publishing Planet Lolita
National Post, May 2014

Secret history: the woman who ruled 19th-century China
Globe and Mail, November 2013

Censorship in the digital age: ‘Words are more powerful than ever’
By Charles Foran and John Ralston Saul
Globe and Mail, April 2013

End of Story: the rise and fall of CanLit
The Walrus, March 2013

Our Kids Omar Khadr
Omar Khadr, Oh Canada, 2012

Will the leadership choices in China and the U.S. make a difference?
Globe and Mail, November 2012

With Mo Yan, Nobel committee gives a nod to the might of modern China
Globe and Mail, October 2012

The rise and fall, and rise again, of the mysterious Timothy Mo
Globe and Mail, June 2012

Literary Influences
Globe and Mail, January 2012

Six Ways to Woo a Reader
CNQ, 82, 2011

The Here and Now
Brick, Winter, 2011

Supersized – Big Canadian Novels
The Walrus, June, 2011

“Yesterday’s Canadians”
The Walrus, April, 2011

“Dear Maw”
The Globe and Mail, October 23, 2010

Liu Xiaobo’s Incarceration
The Globe and Mail, October, 2010

Miscellany with a Mission
The Literary Review of Canada, September 2010

The Slow Apocalypse
The Globe and Mail, November 6, 2009

The Collective Amnesia of China – and the West
The Globe and Mail, June 2009

The Last of the Wild Jews
The Walrus, December 2008

The Satanic Verses at 20
The Globe and Mail, October 2008

An American Type of Sadness
The Walrus, March 2007

The Paradox of Paradise
The Walrus, October 2006

It’s a Porn World After All
The Walrus, March 2006

Literary Landscapes: A Novel Approach
The Walrus, January 2006

A Civilizing Influence
The Walrus, August 2005

The Life Quixotic
The Walrus, May 2005





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