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On a remote Hong Kong beach, bickering parents and their lonely teenage daughter awaken to a strange sight: a dozen women on the shore, seeming to have washed in from the sea. Fifteen-year-old Xixi tries befriending them and snaps a cellphone image of a beautiful young woman she calls Mary. Soon after, believing Mary needs her help, Xixi posts the photo on Facebook, triggering an online narrative she can neither comprehend nor control. Meanwhile, her parents, distracted by their failing marriage, must also deal with the fury of their absent older daughter and a looming new SARS epidemic.As fear and paranoia settle over Hong Kong, isolated Xixi grows more desperate to save Mary from her doom. She dares herself to be brave and take a risk, but her actions turn out to be perilous.Told in the voice of a bi-racial “half-half” girl and the language of social media, Planet Lolita is a riveting novel of desires and consequences in our unfolding digital age.

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