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"…perceptive and thought-provoking…. Where the book succeeds is in its study of the more feeting and challenging subject of a child’s mind and its development between the ages of five and 10… Witty…. The keystone of its construction [is] the child’s mind that allows him to pose questions as universal as they are awkward."

— Calgary Herald

"… an evocation of childhood that rings so true that everyone, whether they grew up during the ’60s or not, will find a little bit of themselves in it. Foran succeeds brilliantly at showing us his childhood as he might have described it if we met him during those years…. Happiness and the joy of childhood shine from every page of this remarkable and delightful book."

— The Ottawa Citizen

"[Foran] has a remarkable ability to convey detail, especially those little things that fascinate children and are subject to their analysis… The results are both authentic and humorous."

— The Montreal Gazette

"Foran is a writer of great sensitivity and craft, and Charlie’s concerns over God, girls and ‘goofing around’ are charming. An interesting and—dare one say bold?—work, nicely done."

— The Globe and Mail

"A very funny, rewarding read."

— Chatelaine

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