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“Foran… has done a magnificent job of boiling down all the words, film, sound and imaginings of the Rocket and making new sense of this simple man’s importance… a small book that delivers big.”

The Globe and Mail

“From the moment the narrative puck is dropped, Foran uses his power and grace as a novelist to weave readers through moments in Richard’s life with accuracy and depth… a compelling narrative about the life of a gifted athlete, whose singular vision of the sport he loved became for him both a blessing and a curse.”

The Telegraph-Journal

“Charles Foran has skillfully resurrected not only the life of this extraordinary athlete and cultural icon; he has also placed the Rocket in his extraordinary time and place… Foran succeeds equally in giving us the best account to date of the original Flying Frenchman.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“Foran is an exemplary writer. He culls the essential from a life and makes it both intriguing and relevant… Even those not interested in hockey… will enjoy Foran’s chronicle of the game’s golden age, his portrait of a society in flux and his sketch of a player who pushed his talent to the limit, and succeeded.”

London Free Press



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