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"In Join the Revolution, Comrade: Journeys and Essays, novelist Charles Foran leaves Nowhere – Toronto’s Willowdale – for Somewhere – China, Thailand, Vietnam – taking us with him on a rich and reflective voyage as he skillfully navigates the clash of languages, cultures and points of view that travelling can trigger if you are wide-eyed, curious and eager to learn."

— The Globe and Mail

"Whether writing about Bangkok, Shanghai or Don Quixote, Foran’s writing is fluent, thoughtful and infectious… But Join the Revolution, Comrade isn’t merely a book for savoring, although it is that. The complaints that Western writers don’t make an effort to understand Asia and its cultural subtleties are possibly partly based either in a lack of awareness of those writers like Foran who can move seamlessly from Tariq Ali to Lu Xun to Yeats – or also, perhaps, in a certain unwillingness to read books whose pages don’t turn by themselves."

— The Standard (Hong Kong)

"This is a wise and wide-ranging book, an impressive quest through culture, politics, and language. Provocative yet fair-minded, Foran’s REVOLUTION enlists us in the war of thought against cliché."

— Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress

With a steady confidence, playful language, and a willingness to probe ideas without providing answers, Foran covers a vast terrain in this collection. Whether discussing the effects of extreme pornography, the state of American fiction, the monstrous beauty of Shanghai, or the experience of living in and leaving Hong Kong during the SARS crisis, Foran takes seriously his role as a writer who’s alert and engaged with the world.

Join the Revolution, Comrade – a line from a Bernardo Bertolucci film repeatedly delivered by a Beijing friend of Foran’s – serves not only as the title of this collection and of its lead essay, but it also becomes a unifying thread throughout the book – a challenge to both the author and the reader to take up the cause of awakening and be fully present in the age in which we live."

— Quill & Quire (starred review)

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