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Carolan's Farewell
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Based on the life of Terence Carolan, a legendary blind composer and harper who travelled the 18th-century Irish countryside, Carolan’s Farewell is gifted writer Charles Foran’s most luminous—and mischievous—novel yet. It is 1737, and the ailing Carolan, having completed an arduous pilgrimage, is returning home across a famine-ravaged Ireland. By his side is Owen Connor, his faithful companion. Master and servant, they are like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, friends to the end.

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Click here to watch a video of Charlie talking about this book.

Publication details

Originally published in 2005 by HarperCollins Canada.

336 pages (Hardcover), 352 pages (Softcover)

ISBN: 0006392490

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