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Carolan's Farewell
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"Nothing short of stupendous. The brilliance of this fine novel arises from the basic delights of the narrative. It is a wonderful story told with grace and wit, an erudite book, yet thoroughly juicy and often very funny. Considerable research has gone into its making. From political background to the nuances of everyday life, the facts have been woven into vivid dialogue and prose that is sumptious, yet rarely extravagant. … Carolan’s Farewell may well be Charles Foran’s hello to the top ranks of contemporary fiction.”

— The Montreal Gazette

"Foran is a master of language and metaphor, and the structure of this novel allows him full range, particularly with his ear for clever, funny, very human dialogue… [A] deeply satisfying read."

— Quill & Quire

"This is a beautiful, beautiful book. A book to live in for awhile.”

— The Telegraph-Journal (St. John)

"Deft and moving, Carolan’s Farewell achieves its greatest strength in the depiction of friendship between the blind harper and the foundling guide who inspires his master to make music, possibly his finest music.”

— Calgary Herald

"Lyrical, ambitious…. A richly imagined landscape…. The melodies of ths novel resonate long past its final pages."

— The Globe and Mail

"Both scholarly and powerfully human, Carolan’s Farewell is as much about Ireland itself as it is about its two central characters, and that country’s God-sodden excesses have rarely been so vividly portrayed."

— The Georgia Straight

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